Premiere of «Interconexiones», 5 March 2023, Espacio Turina, Sevilla

«…In all the works, the Cuarteto Emispherio showed a very high emotional involvement and exquisite care to respect the stylistic nature of each one of them. Intense, careful and respectful preparatory work was obviously executed in order to bring this project to success. Bravo.» Pablo J. Vayón “Diario de Sevilla”, 5 March 2023


“Cuarteto Emispherio…. a perfect example of technical dominance and elegance.”Juan José Roldán “El Correo de Andalucía” y pantallasonora.blogspot” 6 Marzo 2017

“It is clear that Cuarteto Emispherio is a stable ensemble when one hears the balanced,  homogenous sound and above all, the variety of contrasts and details produced during performances…” Pablo J. Vayón “Diario de Sevilla” 6 Marzo 

Jesús Torres – Cuarteto con Oboe (2009), (digital track, Oboe Classics 2019)

«…The unanimity of the musicians in this demanding work is impressive. Excellent and consistent intonation… the various instrumental tones are equally pure and blend well, with a satisfying precision and instrumental balance plus beautifully clear recording quality.” Celia Craig, Double Reed News (BDRS), Spring 2022, issue 131.

“The recording by the Cuarteto Emispherio remains as a reference; it is of absolute refinement and expressiveness.” Jesús Torres, 20 de enero 2020…/jesus-torres-contemporanea…

“… splendid recording of my Quartet with oboe produced by the Cuarteto Emispherio… the members of this magnificent formation, make a convincing and revealing version… Cuarteto Emispherio shows us, without a doubt, their great capacity for seduction.» Jesús Torres, Diciembre 2019

«Sarah Roper doesn’t let her gorgeous oboe sound get in the way of expressing the music … as do the strings, often sounding like more than three players….Cuarteto Emispherio’s new recording of Jesús Torres’ Oboe Quartet really is exciting” Jeremy Polmear, Oboe Classics, 2019

CD “Quartets for Oboe and Strings” (Oboe Classics, 2015) 

«Listening to this excellent performance makes you truly dream.» Ferrer Ferran, 2015

«… a very enjoyable CD.» Glyn Pursglove, Music Web International, 2015

«The group creates a very balanced sound and an outstanding clarity within the voices.» Arturo Reverter, El Cultural, 2015

«…Sarah Roper’s oboe playing combines beautiful sound with impeccable control and sensitive dynamics. At all times the group plays musically, and with a true sense of line. It is a pleasure to listen to these recordings.» Gordon Hunt, 2015

«… gorgeous sonorities from Sarah Roper, refined string playing and an overall recorded sound of clear quality … this is a `must have´ CD.”George Caird, Double Reed News (BDRS), 2015

«Sarah Roper’s Howarth oboe produces a very liquid, transparent color with soft, seamless slurring… she is so suited to playing long, quiet, sustained, potentially exhausting melody lines, without the slightest indication of strain, and with the utmost relaxed and smooth projection.” Jeanne Belfy, The Double Reed (IDRS). (whole review here ). 

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